Concert culture in Chile

Last night, they had a Madonna concert here in Santiago.  It’s the event of the week, month, year or lifetime, depending on one’s perspective.  My roommate went, the daughter of the secretary at the company that I work at, as well as it being displayed in the statuses of various Chilean Facebook friends.

According to my Tues/Thurs. morning student, the reason it’s such a big deal is because Chile is so far off in the realm of nowhere that singers and bands don’t come here very often.  According to him, this is Madonna’s first time in Chile, and given the length of her career, that means it isn’t too off to call it a potentially once-in-lifetime event.

My student also went on to say that when he took a trip to Los Angeles, he was surprised at how there were so many concerts with famous singers/bands and how it just wasn’t a big deal.

It really changes your perspective when you think of how you might only have one chance to see you favorite singer/band live.  Makes you more appreciative, I’d think.

Also, my student has said that people just are into the exclusivity of the event, since tickets cost so much compared to the average Chileans salary.  Apparently, Chileans are willing to pay 50% higher ticket prices just to be somewhere with such cache.  He said how he went to U2 a few years back and there were these 17-year-old girls who really had no clue who U2 were, but they just kept calling and texting their friends to brag about the concert.

Another story involves a company that paid for Ennio Morricone (composer of a lot of spaghetti westerns, as well as for The Untouchables) and gave half the tickets to their employees and sold the other half.  Because of the limited number of seats, people went crazy and lined up to buy tickets, waiting on line for hours before they started selling tickets, as if Morricone was a rock star.  They ended up having to add an extra night.


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