Down the bloggit hole…


I have been clicking through the various WordPress blogs to get some inspiration on how to make a blog, researching what to do to make a good one.

Unfortunately, I’ve been better able to find what *not* to do.

Thus far:

  • A passionate, seemingly insane woman in New York that lists singing in a “Search For A Star” contest at a bar as one of her major accomplishments.
  • A variety of foreign language blogs, most of them seemingly from Indonesia or Malaysia.
  • Short, boring posts about obvious things.  Such as dating advice.  “Take time to brush your teeth and straighten your tie. Women will claim to ignore it, but you should dress to impress.”
  • A pro-Islamic, anti-Semitic blog that includes phrases like “former KGB Jew agents” and “hidden Jews.”  And, of course “Almost every US administration has been controlled by Jewish and Christian radical groups.”

and even worse than hate speech?

  • Family blogs.  Pix of smiling, blond little children eating powdered doughnuts, with text explaining family games.  Nice and sweet (the doughnuts, that is), but certainly not obligatory to share with the whole world.

In my world, there’s a difference between a blog and a Livejournal.  A slim one, but one nonetheless.

Know any good blogs that would be of use/interest to me?  Lemme know.


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