Not every hostel is a winner…

I’m convinced that to maintain a blog, one needs content.

Well, I’m exhausted, so you’re not getting much.

Here’s the scoop: This hostel reminds me of crappy ones in Thailand. I’m at Residential Uno in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. The bed is a mattress on a flimsy slab of plywood which might break on me later on. The bathroom is the toilet with the shower right next to it (and apparently, according to a woman that’s in another room, our bathroom is “spacious”).

And one of the owners called me a “clumsy ass” when the water that I was boiling boiled over and then grumbled how I wouldn’t clean it up.

And they have 7 cute little puppies that are intent on urinating wherever possible.
But hey, I really enjoyed the Falls. And I now will start to say that I’ve been to Paraguay and Brazil. Because it’s true. Even if Paraguay was literally for about 2 minutes. I do have a story, though, about it, so it counts.

I was walking with a plastic bag of food, and my apple fell out of the bottom and rolled into the street. A guy that was handing out flyers for one of the many electronics people waved the masses of traffic to stop so he could get it. The poor rolling apple was like in a game of Frogger, but thankfully didn’t get squashed. And apparently, my cookies/crackers had fallen out behind me and another of the flyer-hander-outers probably would have kept it, had I not seen that it was there.

So there’s your story/content.

More when I have time/energy.

Off to the Argentinian side tomorrow.


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