Overly Caffeinated = Possible Hallucinations

SkyNews, over in the UK, has a story about how people that drank more than 7 cups of coffee a day had three times the likelihood of

Seeing things that were not there, hearing voices and sensing the presence of dead people.

Yikes.  I’ve never drank coffee.  I rarely drink tea.  I cannot even imagine drinking 7 cups of tea in a day.  I get jittery after one. 

Another interesting point is that about 3% of people regularly hear voices.  I wonder how they arrived at that number.  Where’s the line between a vivid imagination/recollection and actually “hearing voices”?

The co-author of the study suggests that it’s possible that there isn’t a causal link.  Perhaps, instead, the people that hear voices are just more likely to try to drink caffeine to drown it out.  I don’t see the logic therein.

Anyone that reads this and decides to never drink a cup of coffee again is missing the point.  (But I sincerely doubt the Starbucks addicts out there are really going to change their lifestyle just because of their vivid convos with Abe Lincoln.)

As the Roman playwright Terence said, “Moderation in all things.”


3 Responses to Overly Caffeinated = Possible Hallucinations

  1. John says:

    Coffee isn’t going anywhere. If people found coffee to be cancerous, they’d still drink it.

  2. roniweiss says:


    Caffeine is a drug. Just like nicotine. People sometimes like to romanticize their cups of coffee or tea more than they do the errant cigarette, but they are addictions nonetheless.

    It bothers me how many people negate this fact.

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