Roni’s Top 4 Episodes of The OC, Season Two

This time, we have an episode written by J.J. Philbin (Regis’ daughter). That would be “The O.Sea.” The others are written by Josh Schwartz.

More spoilers than my Season One synopses.  You’ve been warned.

The Distance:  The 1st episode of Season Two.  It follows naturally from the first season’s finale.  Everyone is suffering.  I wish there was more of an arc, as opposed to wrapping it up so nicely at the end of the episode, but All the Arms Around You, the song at the end of the episode, fits the rhythm of the scene perfectly, going along with Seth’s foot tapping.

The Rainy Day Women: This was the

It’s raining. A huge thunderstorm system that lasts for more than 24 hours is lashing Newport Beach and lightning becomes commonplace in this episode. Seth doesn’t want to loseSummer and tries to find a romantic gesture to win her back before she travels to Tuscany with Zach. He buys his old boat, the “Summer Breeze” (named after Summer), back. The “Summer Breeze” is now called “Gimmie Sex”, yet Seth still thinks it works as an objective correlative. But when he calls Summer to give one last chance, she refuses to do so. Seth wants to watch TV, but something is broken and he wants to repair it. He climbs up the roof, wearing his Spider-Man mask and tied to a chimney, when he slips and hangs upside down from the roof. At the airport, waiting for the flight to Tuscany, Summer finally decides she wants to stay with Seth when she see’s a young boy (who looks like a younger version of Seth) playing with a toy horse and comics, Zach seems to understand. She drives to the Cohens’ house, sees Seth hanging there and kisses him passionately.

Lindsay doesn’t talk to Ryan after the postponed adoption. She thinks about moving to Chicago with her mom. The paternity test is positive after all, but she still decides to go to Chicago.

Marissa tells Julie about her new girlfriend Alex. She moves in with Alex, but is having problems with this independent life she’s not used to.

Sandy wants to bring Rebecca back to Newport, but the road is closed and they have to stay in a motel. Sandy really wants to go home to Kirsten, telling her that he would walk home if he had to. On the drive home a careless moment causes a crash, Rebecca flees from the police, while Sandy takes the bus home. Once Sandy is off of the bus he immediately seeks Kirsten. She askes “Is it over?” To which Sandy replies “I promise you, it never started.”

Marissa walks Alex to work, and when Alex goes in, Marissa sees Ryan standing in the rain alone. Marissa walks up to him and asks, “Are you O.K.?” to which a hearbroken Ryan replies, “Yeah”. Marissa sympathizes for Ryan and puts her arm around him.

The O.Sea

Seth wakes Ryan up at 5:30 a.m. with a new wrinkle on the Summer-doesn’t-want-Seth scenario. The prom is coming up and Summer’s been dreaming about going since 5th grade. And now he’s dreaming about going with her. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s Sandy, informing them that Kirsten’s been in a car crash and is in the hospital.

Outside the hospital room, Sandy speaks with a police officer friend who tells him Kirsten blew a .08. He tells Sandy he’ll look the other way if he promises to get Kirsten some help.

Julie drops by the Cohen house with a gift basket and a pre-nup that she wants Sandy to look over. The pre-nup stipulates that if she and Caleb have been married for a year, she gets 3 million dollars. Less than a year, she gets zip. Julie points out that they’ve been married 11 months and 27 days which may have something to do with Caleb’s rush to file for divorce. Sorry, no loopholes. All Caleb has to do is file with the county clerk by Monday. So unless she can find a way to stop him, she’s out of luck.

Seth and Zach run into to Summer in the student lounge and before the two of them can get their apologies for the launch party debacle out, she tells them that she has no plans of forgiving them but she does have plans to attend tomorrow night’s prom. And they include either Seth or Zach. She doesn’t care which, but one of them will be in front of her house tomorrow night with a corsage. Before Seth and Zach can figure out how to decide who gets to go, Reed texts Zach with a request that he and Seth meet her for lunch at noon.

Sandy brings Kirsten a cup of tea and a brochure for the best rehab facility on the west coast. But Kirsten claims that after a scare like last night, she’s done drinking. She heads downstairs to pour out every drop of liquor.

Ryan catches up with Marissa on campus and confronts her about what’s going on with her and Trey. He saw Trey leaving her house last night. He asked her what happened and she’s not talking so he’s taking his best guess. Marissa is offended that Ryan actually thinks she hooked up with his brother. She tells him to go ask Trey what happened.

Marissa shows up at Trey’s place and warns him that Ryan’s probably going to be coming by after school to ask him what happened. Her advice? Get out of Newport.

At lunch, Seth and Zach’s apology doesn’t seem to go any further with Reed than it did with Summer. Reed wishes she didn’t have such good news for them but she does. George Lucas is interested in “Atomic County” and might want to make it into his next movie. He’s coming into town and wants to meet with them. But Reed is only letting one of them go. She doesn’t care which, but one of them is going to be at the meeting tomorrow night. So one will take the meeting and one will go to the prom. Now, if only they had any idea how to decide.

Caleb drops by the Cohen house and confronts Kirsten about her drinking. He wants to know if she gave any thought to her children while she was drinking and driving. Kirsten retorts that she’s a good mother. Caleb tells her she’s also an alcoholic, just like her mother. Kirsten goes off on Caleb, screaming that if her mother had a drinking problem, it was because of him. And while she’s at it, she reminds him of what a horrible father he is as well.

Caleb, who’s allowing Julie to temporarily occupy the mansion, drops by for his sleeping pills. He explains that he had a bad fight with Kirsten and hasn’t been able to sleep. Julie goes to the bathroom to get the pills and seems to be contemplating something before returning with the container. Then she asks Caleb out for one last celebration on the night before he files. Julie reenters the bathroom and lifts a towel revealing a handful of pills she’s squirreled away.

After listening to Seth’s lecture on the virtues of trust and learning from one’s mistakes, specifically Seth’s mistakes, Ryan decides to ask Marissa to the prom. She’s thrilled.

Jess corners Ryan at his locker and asks for a date to the prom. Sorry, he’s taken. She’s surprised he’s willing to take his brother’s “sloppy seconds.” Ryan tells Jess nothing happened between Marissa and Trey but Jess scoffs at that. Ryan asks for the story but she tells him to ask his brother, who’s apparently not too anxious to answer since he took off for Chino last night.

Seth and Zach flip a coin. Heads Seth goes to the prom, tails Zach goes. They both seem to be cool with the outcome, whatever it was.

Julie fixes Caleb a margarita, on the rocks, with salt and sleeping pills. However, he decides to start with a scotch instead.

Ryan tracks Trey down at his favorite bar in Chino and convinces Ryan that he and Marissa got drunk, really drunk, and she threw herself at him. They agreed not to tell him. Ryan asks if Trey swears that’s the truth. He swears on their mother.

Outside the bar, Ryan leaves Marissa a message that he’s not feeling well and won’t be able to make the prom. Then he runs smack into Theresa. She’s just visiting from Atlanta for the weekend. What brings him back home? Ryan explains the situation with Trey and Marissa, and Theresa convinces Ryan that despite the fact that both Trey and Marissa love him, Marissa’s the one he can trust.

Summer is sitting on her front steps with a limo pulls out. The door opens and Zach emerges in his tux. She’s glad it’s him but her smile is a touch sad.

Meanwhile, Seth and Reed sit at a super-hip restaurant with George Lucas. Seth asks Lucas if he went to his prom. Reed’s embarrassed by Seth’s line of questioning but Lucas seems to be enjoying it. No, he didn’t go to his prom. He stayed home and sketched Ewoks. Seth announces that if George Lucas can skip his prom, so can he. Lucas tells Seth that not a day goes by that he doesn’t regret missing it.

On the dance floor, Zach’s cell is buzzing with text messages from Reed but he tells Summer he doesn’t have to check them. But Summer can see he wants to and they both admit they’re a bit disappointed with the outcome of the coin toss. Summer tells Zach to go, just because her dream didn’t work out doesn’t mean his still can’t.

Zach shows up at the restaurant and offers Seth his tux, his limo, and a clean break. They’re just not meant to be friends right now. Seth accepts.

Meanwhile, back at the Cohen home, Sandy and Kirsten are laying low. The Chinese food arrives and Sandy, realizing he’s out of cash, goes to grab Kirsten’s wallet out of her purse and sees a pint of vodka.

Back at the prom, they announce the King and Queen. As soon as Summer hears her name she tries to make a run for it but the spotlight catches her. Suddenly Seth shows up and joins Summer on stage. After a few heckles from the crowd, Seth takes the mic and concedes that he may not be good-looking or athletic or the person anyone voted for, but he loves Summer, so he guesses that makes him King.

Outside, Marissa sits alone on the grass when Ryan shows up. He apologizes for missing the prom but she tells him he’s right on time.

At the mansion, Caleb is taking a dip in the pool when Julie approaches with his margarita. Caleb tells Julie that he really did love her. He’s about to take a sip when Julie suddenly snatches the drink away. Oops, she forgot the lime. Inside, she pours the drink down the drain.

In the pool, Caleb is suddenly overcome with chest pains. He tries to scream but can’t. Julie comes outside and sees him slumped over in the pool. She dives into the pool, desperate to save him.

Back at the Cohen home, Kirsten returns from her shower and Sandy tells her he found her stash. Kirsten tries to explain it away but Sandy isn’t biting. Suddenly the phone rings. Sandy picks it up. After a moment he hangs up and gently tells Kirsten that Caleb is dead. She stands in shock then picks up the vodka and heads into the other room.

The Dearly Beloved

The Cohens and the Coopers prepare for Caleb’s funeral. Before the event takes place, Sandy reads about an alcohol rehabilitation clinic for Kirsten. The events of the funeral are too much for Kirsten and she ends up getting drunk and causing a scene at the wake. Sandy’s decides that enough is enough and stages an intervention along with Hailey, Ryan, and Seth. Sadly, Kirsten bids goodbye to the family and goes to rehab.

Trey decides to go for a drug money-making scheme with Jess. Jess’s customers decide that they will pay for the cocaine later. Instead she pulls out a gun and begins shooting at them. Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer get caught in the crossfire but are not hurt. Ryan decides this is the last straw and tells Trey to leave Newport.

Summer questions Marissa about the bruises on her neck and her behaviour around Trey. The constant questions upset Marissa and in tears she tells Summer the truth. Summer goes to the Cohens’ and tells Seth that Trey forced himself on her, while he and Ryan were in Miami. Seth tells Ryan what Trey did and Ryan decides to settle things with Trey once and for all.

Jimmy returns for Caleb’s funeral and he and Julie decide to give one more shot for their family, which Marissa is thrilled about. However Seth, on his way to Trey’s with Summer, calls and tells her that Ryan knows what happened between her and Trey. Marissa immediately takes off.

At the apartment, Ryan confronts Trey and pushes him around, Trey quickly points a gun at Ryan. Ryan knocks the gun out of Trey’s hand and they begin to fight each other. Marissa arrives and tries to stop Trey who is strangling Ryan. He pushes her away and is about to hit Ryan over the head with a telephone. Marissa picks up the gun and shoots Trey in the back. Stunned, Trey sees blood pouring out of his body and collapses.

“With the way things are going right now, I bet that’s Oliver.”


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