Succumbing to Twitter

To me, Twitter seemed entirely useless.  I heard the buzz, but I didn’t see any benefit that a Facebook Status Update didn’t have.

Today, I found a personal benefit.

I like updating my Facebook status regularly.  Problem is, I also like being able to tell people where I am in the world.  And with limited characters, it’s hard to do both.  That’s the first problem.  A second, unrelated one is that I don’t want to be updating my old Angelfire website anymore, but I also don’t see fit to abandon it, either.  One of my biggest reasons to have to log onto Angelfire is to change my current location.

So today, I put a Twitter badge on “A Roni Weiss Website” and an RSS feed on the side of this here blog.  Twitter, as of now, will only be used to show my current location in the world.

And with the Twitter Facebook application, I won’t even have to log onto Twitter to deal with all of it.  Just like I wanted, in the end.  Avoiding Twitter and staying loyal to Facebook, which I’ve been on since back in the Dark Ages when only college students with university e-mail addresses could sign on.  Someday, I’ll be telling the story to my grandchildren.  Or my grandmother, who is now on Facebook.


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