Roni’s Top 10 South Park Episodes

I’ve gotten a lot of flack for posting so much stuff on The OC.  Well, don’t worry.  I have said what I had to.  Let’s move onto a show that’s generally better respected.

I talk to a lot of people that cite various South Park episodes.  But few and far between are those that have seen every episode.  Well, I have.  Just so you know, my preference for South Park episodes tends toward the epic.  Other people prefer topical episodes, or those making fun of certain groups (such as “All About the Mormons?”).  I enjoy the topical ones, as well, when they are grand in scale.

Are you aware that you can watch every episode of South Park legally and for free,  streaming at  They also use fake commercials from the show itself to split up the parts of an episode.  Another cool thing is that if you click the envelope logo while watching the episode, you can get the episode link to share with others without interrupting the stream, allowing you to spread the joy instantly and conveniently.

Here are the episodes that I think you have to watch:

10) Pre-School – Episode 810
9)  My Future Self n’ Me – Episode 616
8)  Imaginationland Part I, Part II and Part III – Episodes 1110, 1111 and 1112
7)  Scott Tenorman Must Die – Episode 501
6)  Super Fun Time – Episode 1207
5)  Cartoon Wars (Part I and Part II) – Episode 1003 and 1004
4)  Asspen – Episode 603
3)  Chinpokomon – Episode 310
2)  The Return of Chef – Episode 1001
1)  The Death of Eric Cartman – Episode 906
If you just want to be surprised by the episodes, don’t read the summaries that are below.  Just go to the links. If you need to be convinced, read on.

10) Pre-School – Episode 810

Aren’t the preschoolers in South Park just the cutest?  With their tiny bodies and huge eyes?  We get to see the Core Four in pre-school and how events then caused them to run into trouble years down the road, in 4th grade.  With an obscure Star Trek reference, the South Park Elementary 6th graders and the boys being their usual selves, it’s a solid episode all around.

9)  My Future Self n’ Me – Episode 616

I’m a huge fan of time travel in general, so imagine my excitement and surprise when Stan finds himself living with his future self.  An episode with Butters being Butters, as well.

Jimmy:  I did Ecstasy once.

8)  Imaginationland Part I, Part II and Part IIIEpisodes 1110, 1111 and 1112

South Park’s only 3-episode arc was originally considered for a new SP movie.  Instead, we get a broad story involving terrorism, a plethora of fictional characters and Cartman trying to enforce Kyle’s lost bet of having to suck Cartman’s balls.  Stargate references, too.

7)  Scott Tenorman Must Die – Episode 501

Cartman is excited to have pubes.  Unfortunately, he has bought them from Scott Tenorman, thinking that this was a valid way to get pubes.  Having no luck trying to get his money back, Cartman comes up with a scheme to exact revenge.

I vividly remember watching this episode at the house of some old dormmates.   In general, I am not easily shocked, but  the end of this episode literally made my jaw drop.  The events of the episode are referenced in a couple of future episodes, as well, including The Death of Eric Cartman.

6)  Super Fun Time – Episode 1207

Bandits take the South Park Elementary 4th graders hostage during a Pioneer Village field trip.

Another Cartman/Butters buddy episode.  A Die Hard parody.

5)  Cartoon Wars (Part I and Part II) – Episodes 1003 and 1004

South Park’s critique on Family Guy.  After watching it, I couldn’t watch Family Guy for almost a year because their points are pretty dead on.  Beyond the Family Guy and The Simpsons references, it is also about the Danish newspaper cartoons that showed Muhammad.  The two blend together seamlessly.  And the best part?  Trey Parker really is no Family Guy fan, so it isn’t coming from a place of making fun just to make fun.

In the 2nd episode, they reference Scott Tenorman Must Die, so you’re better off watching it before you watch these two.

Cartman: Don’t you ever, EVER compare me to Family Guy, Kyle!

4)  Asspen – Episode 603

A take on those crappy 80’s movies where the underdog competes with the brash jerk.  Asspen also has a subplot of the parents going to a timeshare meeting.

One of the first episodes with Butters as a main character.

Ah, and they also ripped off their own “Montage” song from this episode and put it in Team America: World Police.

3)  Chinpokomon – Episode 310

Obviously, a Pokemon parody.  With the classic lines of the Japanese businessmen criticizes the size of their penises and showering praise upon those of American men.  It also is a parody of/statement on kids’ fads in general. Regardless, don’t you want a Lambtron?  Or Shoe?

2)  The Return of Chef – Episode 1001

Before Season 10, Isaac Hayes (the voice of Chef) left the show, due to his completely hypocritical stance on the episode making fun of Scientology.  What was going to happen?  Would Parker and Stone let that stand?  No.  The episode brings Chef back, throwing partial clips of old Chef lines together to make him look like a pedophile.  Why is Chef talking about having sex with Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and the rest?  Watch and find out.  “Spin blossom nut squash!”

Spoiler (highlight to see it):  Kyle’s speech at the end, condemning “the fruity little club” that has brainwashed their friend, giving a fitting, yet sad indictment of the situation.

1)  The Death of Eric Cartman – Episode 906

My favorite episode.  After pissing his classmates off for the nth time, they decide to ignore him.  Cartman, in his infinite wisdom, thinks that he is dead, a ghost roaming the earth.  But one person isn’t in on the ignoring plan.  Butters.


So there you have it.  Take the advice and enjoy.


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