There is a movie coming out this year that is called Adventureland.  It’s from the director of Superbad.  While the trailer doesn’t make it seem too promising (despite having Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, two of my SNL favorites), it did bring up some childhood memories.

My childhood was filled with summer trips to Long Island, NY to visit family.  On said trips, we would visit Adventureland, an amusement park in Farmingdale.  At said amusement park, there was a haunted house ride.  Outside of said ride, there was a fake tree that had a conversation with an even more fake owl, a conversation that was oft-mocked by my family.  To get the exact words, I searched online and found a blog, Silly Little Drawings, that had the whole dialogue.

Owl:  I wouldn’t go in there, if I were you!
Tree:  Why not?  What’s wrong with a little fun in the dark at Adventure Land?
Owl:  Nothing – if your idea of fun is being chased by a man with a CHAINSAW!
Tree:  Chainsaw?  I don’t like chainsaws!  I once had a close shave with one!
Owl:  Then watch out you silly tree, because I think…I hear…him COMING!

notinman makes the point that it makes no sense that the tree is laughing when it really should be quaking in fear.  And it’s wholly reasonable to critique the storyline when the dialogue is so spot-on.

(For curious parties, according to IMDb, Adventureland was not filmed at its namesake (Greg Mottola, the writer/director grew up on Long Island).  Instead, it was filmed at Kennywood Amusement Park in West Mifflin, PA.)

Update:  My cousin’s claim is that the dialogue is slightly different (and from my recollection, she’s probably correct about the wording).  Here is her version:

Owl: Hoo… hoo…I wouldn’t go in there if I were youuuu.
Tree: Why not? What’s wrong with a a little fun in the dark at Adventureland?
Owl: My idea of fun is not being chased by a man with a chainsaaawww.
Tree: Chain saws?! I don’t like chain saws?! I once had a close shave with one. And by the way, if I get my limbs on yooouu…
Owl:Then watch what you say, you silly tree..because I think…I hear…him…commiiinnnggg.
Tree: evil laughter (owl does not laugh as he is afraid of the chain saw).


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