Caroline Kennedy Pulls Out of NY Senate Race

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg speaks at the fifth annual John ...

Caroline Kennedy has decided to remove herself from consideration for Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat, under the auspices of her uncle’s health problems.

While Ted Kennedy’s health situation is tragic, it has been going on for a while now,  so that really does not seem to be a valid excuse.  Regardless, anything that gives someone else the seat is better for the people of New York.

Caroline Kennedy was in no way qualified for the seat.  We discussed this on DWATG in late Dec. (episode here), with the idea that Kennedy was even worse than Sarah Palin, in some ways, in that Kennedy had never even been elected to public office, let alone proven herself to voters for the current position.

There are several other candidates that have a lot more experience and will be more suitable.  There was no reason to look at Kennedy with skepticism simply because she has a famous name, but her total lack of experience should not have earned her a free Senate seat.  If it was an election, instead of an appointment and she was willing to run in a Democratic primary, showing herself to voters and ultimately subjecting herself to their will, that would have been a much different situation.  But given the circumstances, New York will hopefully be better represented by someone that has done more than be a (retrospectively) popular president’s daughter and sit on an education board where no one was ever quite sure what she was accomplishing.


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