Ready To Bring Liquids On-Board?

Finally, the end of on-plane liquid limitations might be in sight.  While some people see any new hassle at the airport through the eyes of “I’d rather be inconvenienced than risk something”, most people that I talk to see it as fairly ridiculous.  You can bring a razor onboard, but not the gel to shave with?  (Unless it’s in a container of less than 3 oz.)  Not to mention all of those special reports that we see about how reporters have gotten through security with any number of guns, bomb parts or other weapons.

Plus, any enterprising terrorist can come up with any multitude of ways to get around the TSA’s lax oversight.  But never you fear, Transporation Security Agency (TSA) Director Kip Hawley had a response:

Clever terrorists can use innovative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. But don’t forget that most bombers are not, in fact, clever. Living bomb-makers are usually clever, but the person agreeing to carry it may not be super smart. Even if “all” we do is stop dumb terrorists, we are reducing risk.

But when will this happen?  Not immediately.  The announcement in October 2008 from Hawley was that given new X-ray technology that can detect bomb-making liquids, the restrictions could be removed within the year.

So, now the question is when will be allowed to keep our shoes on?

Extra:  For more upcoming airline news, check out this Yahoo! article.


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