Once Upon A Podcast

I have a new project.  It is entitled Once Upon A Podcast.

Once Upon A Podcast will be a twice-monthly podcast of 5-minute radio plays.  The plays will be written over the course of two days, loosely based on a theme chosen (as of now) by myself.

There are two options to be included as a writer in Once Upon A Podcast:

1)  I will choose 3 people from a list of writers that have already e-mailed me.  These people have the option of either producing it themselves or asking for assistance finding a director, actors and an editor.

2)  Anyone else can look at the theme and decide to make their own production-quality short.  If it passes muster, it will also be included in the podcast.

Note: If you are interested in participating as a writer, actor, director, editor, or something else, please e-mail me at roni@dontworry.tv.  You do not have to have known me beforehand to be involved in this project.  All interested parties will be welcomed.

Once Upon A Podcast comes from the pedigree of “Once Upon A Weekend”, a 5-minute play festival that I produced during my days as an undergraduate at the University of Washington.  OUAW was a bit different.  Here was the process that I followed, as Executive Producer:

Wednesday:  A topic was posted on the bulletin board in Hutchinson Hall, the Drama building, as well as e-mailed out to the UW Drama listserv.

Thursday:  Writers submitted 5-minute plays based on the topic, which contained little or no technical cues, as well as no more than 4 roles.   The OUAW Committee then selected plays to produce.  If it was simply a sketch/gag or did not qualify as a play, it was rejected.  Rejection had to be agreed upon by at least 2 Committee Members, if not more.

Friday:  Scripts were handed out to actors and directors.

Saturday:  Plays were rehearsed during the day and performed in the evening, in the Cabaret Theater in Hutchinson Hall.

Initially, OUAW was free.  Later, we charged $1, with free admission for participants.  OUAW was brought to UW by Shanga Parker, the head of BA Drama, via his time at Brown University.  He now participates in 14/48, which is done bi-yearly in Seattle and has a somewhat similar structure.


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