Daschle Withdraws Nomination

Tom Daschle


We talked about this non-tax paying epidemic on the yet-to-be released episode of Don’t Worry About The Government, recorded last night.

There are a bunch of Obama appointees that have tax problems. ‘Problems’ being a lack of payment.

But what does this mean?

Depends on if you believe them or not.

If you do believe them, then the tax system obviously needs to be reworked so that software which is designed to deal with taxes can actually function properly. (Geithner’s excuse was that he did his taxes on TurboTax, which has trouble with self-employment taxes.)

If you don’t believe them, then the IRS obviously is not doing enough to make sure that the rich are paying their taxes.

If Obama is serious about change, will there be something done about this epidemic of the rich not covering expenses for their housekeepers, limos and the like?


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