Any questions for the inmates of San Pedro Prison, La Paz, Bolivia?

Due to a lack of both internet and personal energy, my travel blogging has lacked.

Trust me, all this means is that you’ll have an influx of stories in a short time later down the road.

But, I want to make up for it.

I am now in La Paz, Bolivia.  Tomorrow, I will bribe the guards to go into a prison that is filled with drug traffickers and political opponents.  How do I know this will work?

It’s common practice.  I hadn’t heard of San Pedro Prison before I started this trip.  But after not believing the first guy, I looked up Marching Powder, which is a book about said place, as well as doing due diligence in the real world.

Apparently, you pay $40 USD to bribe the guards and you get to go into a walled city of murderers and drug traffickers.  Sounds fun, right?

Well, join in the fun!

If you have any questions for the inmates of San Pedro, or just want to know something specific about the whole thing, let me know, and I’ll find out!

Otherwise, just stay tuned to find out more about a prison where the prisoners can buy their cell, sell cocaine, pay to have their families live with them, pay to go outside for parties, kill rapists inside, as well as not having to deal with any guards inside the walls.


3 Responses to Any questions for the inmates of San Pedro Prison, La Paz, Bolivia?

  1. Jeremy says:

    You’re nuts, dude.

    But that is pretty cool.

    My question: “How much would someone have to pay you (the prisoner) to have me (the gringo) killed??”

  2. Tasha says:

    Wow dude i was in bolivia 4 3 month and it is the most interesting country i Have been to. I Have read alot about the jail and i did go there but was unable to get in. How long r u going to stay. Let me know how it goes

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