The Neo-Nazis of La Paz, Bolivia


After I leave San Pedro Prison, after I talk to the guy in the kiosk, I stand in the plaza and see that there are a group of late teens/early 20-somethings.  They are wearing a lot of black, but look quite happy to see one another.

They proceed to greet each other warmly, shaking hands, touching their palms to their chests, then proceeded to Zig-Heil one another.  In fact, some of them even say “Heil.”  Which is doubly disconcerting, given the fact that I had previously dismissed a girl with a swastika armband.  


And wherever I go, it’s fairly easy to dismiss the swastikas that one sees spray-painted/drawn.  Such as the one below, outside of the Hebrew school.


I briefly consider talking to the neo-Nazis and showing them my Israeli passport.  Very briefly.  Earlier, I had considered asking that girl why she had a swastika armband.  I made a deal with myself that if I saw someone else with a swastika armband, I’d ask them why they had one.  Luckily, the neo-Nazis didn’t have accoutrements, so I didn’t have to stick to my personal pledge.

Ah, and for the record, you can buy Mein Kampf in Spanish on the street, as well.

It’s all a bit troubling, no?


One Response to The Neo-Nazis of La Paz, Bolivia

  1. Daeha says:

    Not surprising. There has been a rise of neo-nazi activity in South America, particularly among the descendants of families who fled Europe to avoid persecution by the Nuremberg courts.

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