What’s what with Roni in Los Angeles (and in general)

Not much to report, but I figured I would, anyway.

Staying over at Sean and Ryan Meyer’s place, in the Cheviot Hills/Palms area of L.A.

Hung out with Alec last night.  I sold him my soul (i.e. on a piece of paper, I signed that he has my soul) for $15.

We ate Indian food, then got Red Mango, frozen yogurt.  Funny, because I had frozen yogurt in Orlando, as well.  Also rode a tandem bike, which was fun.

(Look, I already warned you that there wasn’t much to say.)

I go to Seattle this Friday.

I have some stories from the trip that I want to share, but I’ve been watching a few movies, as well as reading my standard stack of comics from Sean.  Movies:  The Visitor and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Project News

Roni On Location is up and running.  It has been submitted to iTunes.  It can already be found on Podcast Alley.

Once Upon A Podcast is taking longer than I would like, due to a lot of problems with casting.  I would rather smooth out the kinks now, rather than after we’ve released our first episode.

Matt Schubert, a camp counselor that I lived in the same bunk as in my 2nd year at TEC called.  He is working on production stuff and we’re going to see if some of our projects might intersect.

Justin and Israel, over in Orlando have a contact that is working on developing web and TV content, so I shared some of the projects that I want to start involving my travel, etc.  They’re passing them on and we’ll see what happens.


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