Welcome Back, Roni (AKA Tuberculosis test and Credit card fraud)

It seems that foreign travel is not without risks.  I have had a persistent cough for a while now, despite going on an inhaler for a bit in Santiago, then having antibiotics in Bolivia.  The idea was that I had bronchitis, but as opposed to my phlegmy one in Asia, this was constriction.

Being back home with it still not gone, I figured I’d get it checked out.  

The doc didn’t seem concerned as I told him about going to the other doctors in South America or about the cough in general.  Then, as he checked my breathing with the stethoscope, he asked, “What did they do to you?”  Apparently, I was wheezing.  So he decided that maybe I should get a TB test and a chest X-ray (which, coincidentally, is exactly what my mother predicted I would need).

Long story short, no TB, no results on the chest X-ray and the cough remains…  We’ll see what happens as I head back to France in mere hours.

Plus, that same day, when trying to pay for the doctor, my credit card was denied.  Through 6 months of South American travel, this hadn’t happened.  Using the card in the town of the address from the card, I get denied.

When I got back into the States, I got a call from Chase/WaMu regarding potential fraud.  Apparently, they were worried about the 5 bucks that I had spent at sandwich.com in Lima, Peru.  So with that and all of the hubbub with the switchover from WaMu to Chase, I figured it might have to do with that.  Turns out, someone charged my card online (using the wrong expiration date).  The sites were an optical place and something along the lines of “bareessentials” or “bearessentials” or something like that.   (It being the phone, it was hard to tell whether it had to do with nudity/sex or with cuddly wuddly bears.)

In the end, they cancelled the card and sent me a new one overnight.  Better that it happened at home, as it was resolved quickly.  I hope.  Should be, since I have the new card.  But I’ll need to sign some documents attesting to the fact that I don’t order glasses for naked bears.


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