Back to France, Back to American Village


Veggie Pate - As good as it looks

Being in France/Europe and working at camp jobs is a bit old hat now.  Not in a negative way at all, just a familiar one.  As the only returner that is here yet (other than the camp director), I am one of the people that is most in the know.  It’s nice to have people ask you questions and be able to answer them.

The town is bigger than I thought it would be, which really doesn’t do much, as we won’t be going in much.

I’m right in the middle of France, in the Alliers department, between Montlucon and Moulins Sur Alliers.  At some point, I’ll have a week off, but I have no clue where that will take me.

Plus, I could be moved to other camps.  From what I can tell, they are all south of here.  Only 4 American Village camps operate during the Spring.

In the meantime, there’s not much to report.

The world seems to be going a bit crazy in other places.

  • North Korea might be launching a missile.
  • The whole financial system is supposedly going to be overthrown.
  • People keep having serious talks about the idea of drug legalization (to varying degrees).
  • The global financial crisis/recession shows no serious signs of quick abatement.

But right now, I’m sitting in a tiny castle, wondering when I will be able to finish casting the next OUAP episode and how I want to structure my podcast.  My day consisted of hanging up posters and flags, moving boxes and making my nametag.  So, I guess I’m a bit removed.


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