Bye-bye “War on terror” and the Colbert Module of the ISS


Obama team drops “war on terror” rhetoric

Good.  Words are powerful.  No one can justifiably say that these words help.  Radical Islamism is a problem, but the idea of calling it a ‘war’ puts the focus on the wrong place.  It’s just as important to build rapport and understand the basic elements of the culture.  What causes people to decide to dedicate their lives to destroying the lives of others, instead of improving their own?

Some folks are beyond help.  Sure, go ahead and fight them, but don’t lose sight of those that can be helped and prevented from feeling like this is the route they should go down.

Also, where’s the line? 

Post 9/11, there was a rise in hate crimes against Arabs/Muslims.  I have been to many a Muslim country.  I have Muslim friends that practice their religion to varying degrees.  I see them no more as an enemy than any of my other friends.  Having such rhetoric can blur the lines for the less educated and aware.


NASA in Colbert conundrum over Space Station

Apparently, ole Colbert (and fans) are at it again.  The name for the new module of the International Space Station was submitted to write-in voting, with ‘Colbert’ beating ‘Serenity’ for over 40,000 votes.  Sounds like skinny black-frame glasses nerds (a la J.J. Abrams) fighting against Star Trek convention-type nerds (a la Comic Book Guy). 

NASA reserves the right to ignore the vote and decide their own name, if necessary, which I find absurd in all but the most extreme cases.  Why bother with a write-in vote then?  Just name it yourself.


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