2nd Session Kids Arrive

Whereas the last kids were not poor, they certainly weren’t the 11-13 year old rich Parisians that we currently are counseling.

We played a “Get To Know Your Counselor” game involving asking any question you would like to a counselor.

Some questions:

What’s your favorite mark?  (‘Mark’ meaning company/brand.)

Do you like to play tennis?

Do you like shopping?

Do you like to ski?

Do you have a boat?

Do you like to drive sports cars?


One question that totally confused me:  Do you like cops?  (And yes, that’s what he meant.  My answer was along the lines of “Sure, they’re people.  They’re fine.”)


And, at one point earlier in the day, when I was entertaining the kids as they did ESL testing, one asked me “What do you need to be happy?”  My answer:  friends, internet and freedom.

Ah, they also wanted to know if we had Facebook, which is: a) not allowed and b) certainly not something that a lot of people would generally want to share with an 11 year old.

More similar to last summer, but still quite different in a lot of ways.  This week promises to be quite interesting.


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