New Roni On Location and Project Updates

About a week late, which coincidentally corresponds to how long I’ve been busy with barely any time to do anything outside of camp.

You can find it on iTunes and at  As always, it’s relatively offensive, which is why ROL has an ‘Explicit’ tag on iTunes.

As for other projects:

DWATG:  Recorded tonight (missed being on last week’s episode due to the arrival of the 8-day Easter session kids).  I imagine you’ll find it on iTunes and the DWATG page tomorrow.

Once Upon A Podcast:  2/3 episodes are recorded.  The last will hopefully be done sooner than later.

Untitled Subculture Podcast:  I have resigned myself to it being on hold until I have a few hours to actually sort out some pre-planning stuff.

As for the blog, I’m sure I could cobble some stuff together, once I get some energy back.  I’ve had a cold, which hasn’t helped.  We are going back to normal Spring sessions which I think will allow for things to be smoother and give me more time (comparatively).  The swine flu stuff is interesting me.  And I can always go a round or two on politics.  Expect at least one solid post this week on current events.  Spank me if you don’t get it.


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