More swine flu fun

So a kid is being sent home tomorrow because he took a vacation to Mexico and his parents didn’t inform the school.

Not quite sure if there are even any symptoms being shown.

That seems crappy to me.

Oh yeah, and I rolled my ankle (I actually heard the sound, which doesn’t seem good), as I came to the ground from jumping to impress the kids by knocking a stuck ball out of the basketball hoop.

I am now limping around with a broom as a crutch and an ice pack in my sock.

Update (5/7/09): Ankle is doing a lot better.  Going around with it wrapped up.  The kid didn’t leave in the end.  No explanation was given.


One Response to More swine flu fun

  1. Jeremy says:

    Sounds aren’t good, but if you’re managing with a broom and ice pack, it probably isn’t broken. Just RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate — I think that’s right) and you’ll be fine in a few days/weeks.

    Dr. Jeremy out!

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