Mainstream media giving into superstition

I’ve had a bit of trouble with some of the coverage I’ve seen of the Air France Flight 447 tragedy.

1)  On Yahoo! News, they had a headline the next day about how these tragedies aren’t so common.  Seemed in bad taste to have something like that so soon.  At least a week after, I’d say for such an article.

2)  I saw an article about a couple that was scheduled to be on the flight but missed it.  They were in a car accident.  The woman died.  The man is seriously injured.


After narrow escape, fate catches up with Italian traveler

From the article:

But their luck ran out on an Austrian road earlier this week…

Bad things happen.  Sometimes, we are right near the bad thing and miss having them happen to us.  Sometimes, another bad thing happens.  To have the news even obliquely attribute it so supernatural forces is ridiculous to me.


One Response to Mainstream media giving into superstition

  1. Adam says:

    You seem like a kindred spirit, perhaps. I thought perhaps you would enjoy this:

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