Why Obama is Right on Iran


The Wall Street Journal has an editorial positing that Obama is lacking “moral clarity.”  They quote “The President” as declaring the situation in Iran to be an ‘atrocity’, then reveal that said President was Nicolas Sarkozy of France.  The editorial is loaded with conservative snark.  

What they seem to want is for Obama to make a grand statement about how terribly undemocratic the Iranian regime is.  While this is wholly true (the Presidency of Iran is not so important, as the Supreme Leader and Guardian Council retain control), there is nothing to be gained by saying it in an inflammatory way.

If the U.S. were to come out strongly against the election, what would happen?  Protests in Iran?  They are already happening, more so than most would have predicted.  The internationally community rallying?  The editorial eventually makes the missing point:  This is Iran’s internal struggle.  

The only result from American involvement (at this juncture) would be to give an excuse for Iranians to come together over foreign meddling.  If the situation devolves further, there might be reason for international action.  At this time, all high-minded statements would do is satisfy the self-righteous.


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