Why Roni Barely Ate in Croatia


Map of the Balkans

Map of the Balkans

This is a nice little rundown of Roni’s general mindset and travel habits.

1)  I was only going to be in Croatia for a day, so I wanted to avoid dealing in local currency, so as to not be stuck with errant Kuna(s).

2)  Going out to a bar that served food and accepted credit cards, I was willing to belly up.  I was told that I had two minutes to decide (this was at 9:22 PM).  Unfortunately, the food I was going to get (cheese pizza and a cheesy bread thing) weren’t being served anymore, so I decided to pass.  Then I was recommended to eat some pasta with sour cream.  After some deliberation, I said sure and the waitress said it was too late.

3)  I was CouchSurfing with Martina.  She has a roommate, Ivana, who was going to host a Canadian guy that was supposed to make a huge, wonderful dinner for us.  Through the day, I was online searching for flights to Russia, to the States and to France.  At one point, Ivana said she was going to go out shopping.  I assumed this meant for the big dinner.  When the Canadian guy came in, it seemed like it was going in the direction of dinner, but that veered sharply away and we went out to a bar.

4) And here’s the key to why I was all right with it: I ate so, so much in Italy that it was actually a luxury to not be stuffed to the gills.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    :) . I like your story!!!

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