Catching up: Sarajevo and Podgorica


Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

Here are some bits about the past few places I’ve been.


Igor, the guy from CouchSurfing that I stayed with in Banja Luka had gotten me into contact with his friend Masha.  We hung out the first full day I was in town, going up to the hill that I had been on 2 years prior.  She’s a photo nut, too, so I took my straight-on horizontal shots and she took her diagonal weirdly angled ones.

After a fun day out, she had to go eat with her family.  I went out that night, decided against going to Mostar, slept in, went to record DWATG (Masha listened in), then went back to the apartment to let the woman that owned it back in for the night.  The plan was to go and meet Masha at a bar, but I ended up talking to the woman for a bit before going, which made me 5 minutes later than the hour that Masha said she would wait.  I was pissed at the world.  I stomped down the street, not sure of what to do, saying, “This is not how life works!”

I profoundly believe in the rule of threes, and this would have been the third time hanging out.  So I went over to her place, knowing that I wouldn’t ring her bell, as she lives with her family and I didn’t want to potentially wake them at a late hour.  My plan was then to sing outside of her building.  What song?  Well, I have Il Mundo Prima by Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti stuck in my head constantly, so I have annoyed people here and there with my repeated singing of it.  Thus, I sang it, but with no result.

Next plan was to go back to the bar and see if anyone knew her.  Luckily, this was the case, as my later plans devolved into seeking out internet and such.  After waiting for a bit, Masha and I hung out for a while, then said our goodbyes.


Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro:

The country has a weird energy.  A vague annoyed, anger seems to permeate.  But there’s a lot of activity out on the streets.  I didn’t feel the vibe.  They have a square in the middle of their town that really isn’t decorated or, to be frank, particularly interesting from looking at, but it gets pointed out every time you walk by.  Not exactly sure why.

I stayed with these girls from CouchSurfing who didn’t seem particularly bothered that I was there, for the positive or negative.

To get there, this Russian-Estonian guy and I asked people on the street for directions.  They agreed that I/we needed to walk down a street, take a left at the Hotel Crna Gora, then a right at the next traffic light.  But beyond that, they weren’t sure.  Instead of telling us to ask someone when we got closer, these three guys just stood there, arguing with each other for a pretty long time about if it was a left or a right or what at that point.  We eventually were successful at excusing ourselves from this.

When I arrived at their place, they left, saying that maybe they’d see me when they got back.  The next afternoon, as I was typing to friends about how I wasn’t sure if I was hated by these people, one of the chicks came in with a bowl of cookies and a glass of juice for me.  So that was nice.


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