Had two dreams last night:

First dream: Ben McKenzie was frustrated with the rat race, so he agreed that it would be a good idea if we left whatever group we were with to go do something else, maybe some sort of camping trip.  It’s how I know I’m not remotely gay, as it wasn’t gay, just chitty-chatting.

But, as we were coming up with our plan, he decided he wanted needed to watch college basketball, which I thought was odd, as he ran away for some nature kick.

Second dream: Was walking around some foreign locale, considering buy pizza.  I realized that I didn’t have local currency, so I tried to find an ATM.  Found one around some sort of old grey brick corner.

At a cafe, Katherine Heigl and Elizabeth Taylor were hanging out.  I sat down with them, but didn’t have much time as I needed to record DWATG.  We talked a bit and I tried to impress them with my travels, and also with the fact that I was busy enough with my own projects that I couldn’t just stay there with them.

I asked if I could take pix with them, but my camera wasn’t working properly.  I kept trying and trying.  They had some food brought over.  A platter of various chicken things.  I waited to see if they were going to eat any, as it seemed like the platter had arrived late and they had eaten their meal.  Katherine Heigl was a bit reticent about having pix taken of her and seemed worried about the paparazzi.  When it was clear they weren’t going to have their chicken stuff, I did.

Elizabeth Taylor was going to leave (to go to a casino), and we tried a pic one more time, since I had deleted old stuff, but the camera was still being weird, showing old pictures when I tried to preview what I had just taken.  Off she went.

Somehow, I was in a hotel room with Katherine Heig, with her wearing off-white patterned pajamas, laying in bed.  I still wanted to try to get one picture.

Went outside for the room for a second and some balding guy asked if she was in there.  I said no and walked in and closed and locked the door.  Katherine Heigl was laying on the bed, scared, covering her head with a blanket.  I asked her if she was expecting somebody, thinking perhaps the guy was some paramour.  Nope. I tried comforting her for a bit, telling her that I would make sure no one bad got in and that everything was going to be fine.

So I went back to the door and tried to do the keypad lock system.  I looked at the directions on the panel.  Pressed the buttons to give me a PIN.  Then there were about seven numbers, which I was worried I would forget.  It flashed the numbers, then “Start writing”, then the numbers again, coming up one at a time.  I was concerned about dyslexifying the numbers and woke up.

Back to real life.

Then, I go online and log onto WordPress, only to see one of the top articles being about Katherine Heigl going brunette.


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