Smack Talking About Roni

Chilean flag

Chilean flag

I knew that somewhere online, someone was talking about me, regarding the Chilean taxi story.  Finally, I found some.  Perhaps there’s more about “the American detective” (as Gustavo said some people in Chile were referring to me as), but as of now, here ’tis:

I saw part of that. They seemed to use cases that really exaggerated the point. Like some guy believed it when they told him the exchange rate was 6,000 pesos per dollar. In these days it is so easy to check exchange rates online or to figure out what things generally cost and what are the options/costs for getting from the airport to your hotel. Without at least doing that, you are leaving yourself open to problems.

And no internet forum would be complete without a Smithersian sycophant:

Good point, Gringalais. I continue to be amazed that some people will stake so much on what an acquaintance tells them or even what they merely (and groundlessly) suppose.

Perhaps they’ve a secret wish to rid themselves of excess money and time.

Yes.  As anyone that knows me would attest to, the one thing I love to do is just spend money willy-nilly.  Burn it whenever possible.  Yep.  That’s me.


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