On the road again…

Flag of BC

Flag of BC

Tav and I are starting our road trip.

Currently, I am typing this from a laundry room at a camp site in Ft. Nelson, BC, Canada.

Thus far, some highlights:

  • Getting stopped at the Alaska/Yukon border and having all of our stuff searched thoroughly.  The second time people at the US/Canada border have thought I might be a drug trafficker.  They asked Tav if he had “rolling papers” no less than 3 times.
  • Seeing bison on the side of the road.  Seeing deer on the road.
  • Camping for what has now been the 2nd and 3rd times in my life.  Getting bitten by mosquitos is not fun, but waking up with nature around is actually a nice experience.

Things I’ve learned:

  • If you cut Alaska in half, Texas would be the 3rd largest state.
  • Some native tribes believe that ravens created the world and therefore revere them.
  • Supposedly, if you drink from the Yukon River, you’ll either stay or return some day (neither Tav nor I drank from it).

After here, we continue heading down, I/we stop in the Puget Sound for about a week, then we head Southeast into the “lower 48” (as Tav calls it).


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