In Boise


Here’s a recap:

  • Left Everett, WA later than we were planning on it.
  • Got Costco Pizza in Tri-Cities (Richland), WA.
  • Ended up sleeping in our car at the Visitor’s Center in Enterprise, OR.
  • Went on a really long hike, where we didn’t end up bringing enough water.  Took 6 hours to walk down through brush which tore up our bare, shorts-wearing legs.  But I survived.
  • Came to Boise, where we met Josh, our host, a cool guy that we’re hanging out with now, having very inappropriate joking and story sessions with.  On the way to walk to downtown, we ran into an older guy that asked us for help bringing bags to a Grapevine Club (AA meeting place).  He had crazy stories about going to prison for check fraud at bars, meeting Evel Knievel and blaming women for their spouse’s alcohol-caused abuse.
  • As of now, we’re finishing up our macaroni & cheese and Indian food that we made at Josh’s place.  We’re gonna wash up, then off to SLC, Utah.

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