Appleseed Project (AKA “Roni Shoots Again”)

In Chamberlain, SD, I had the pleasure of meeting Whisker, a guy that’s highly involved in the Appleseed Project.

He took us out into a field and taught Tav and I a bit how to shoot.

Appleseed Project is an interesting organization.  They base their ideals off of the Revolutionary Generation of the 1770’s, seeing shooting as a connection to history and a means to teach basic markesmanship.

Whisker made a big point distancing themselves from the crazy militias that you see in the news.  In no way does Appleseed espouse separatism or government coups.

All-in-all, it was a good time learning how to shoot a rifle.  I’d recommend it to anyone that’s interested.

Check out their website to find out more.


2 Responses to Appleseed Project (AKA “Roni Shoots Again”)

  1. stranger says:

    why is this post empty? What was your experience with the Appleseed project?

  2. Pappy says:

    You are welcome at any of our shoots, I am glad I met you, good luck in all you do. Pappy

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