The Neglect of A Blog

Trust me, I constantly feel guilty that I am not updating this puppy, but I am firmly convinced that when I end up in Everett, and then France, I’ll have the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed.

As of now, I am in Pismo Beach, CA, staying with Susan, a friend that I worked with in Santiago.

In a few hours, Susan and I join Tav and his friend Micah to have breakfast, then Tav and I drive up the coast, Highway 1, through Big Sur, on the way to the Bay Area, where we’ll meet Naomi, a girl that Tav and I worked with, who will take us to the Cal football game, where Caitlin, who I worked with this summer, is hooking us up with tickets.

Later on, I’ll be interviewing (and perhaps watching) the Swing Goths.

Sunday, up to near the Redwood Forest.  Monday, Redwoods, then probably a quick run through Portland on the way back to Washington State.

Sept. 22nd, I fly to Iceland.

Sept. 25th, I fly to Paris.

Sept. 27th, I go to Lyon.

Oct. 1st, I start work, teaching English to middle school kids outside of Lyon.


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