Logement à Lyon



Finding places to stay is no fun.

In Hollywood, I had a roommate situation that involved a guy and girl whose relationship status was unclear.  They lived in the same room but were not explicitly bf/gf.  That’s because they were explicitly broken up.  A stupid situation to move into, which turned slightly dramatic when the girl left.  Then it was just the guy, who was fairly sleazy.  Had me buy him a really expensive drink at The Standard and I had to harass him constantly to pay me back.  And I was never pleased with my car getting keyed in the parking lot.

After that, I lived in North Hollywood in a 1-bedroom that was way the hell too big for me.  It was depressing and lonely.

In Santiago, I had a roommate that was all right, until she endlessly promised she was getting me a new bed (it got to the point where it was more comfortable to sleep on the floor, rather than the mattress, but she never got it.  Always an excuse.  And the woman who did our laundry, ironing and cleaning disappeared, just as I got used to having such luxuries.

Now, I’m trying to find a place in Lyon.  I thought I had a decent situation wherein I would be able to stay there until I found a permanent place.  This turned out to be an incorrect assumption and I had to leave a couple days after being there, with nowhere as a backup.  Luckily, I had been by a housing place for youth a bit before I had to leave that place, so I just dragged all my stuff back over there.

They didn’t have room, so I ended up being driven over to another place, Le Totem, where I stayed for two nights in my own room (which theoretically was supposed to have two people).  The two-people rooms are 23 Euros/night, the one-person rooms are 38 Euros/night.  So all in all, not terrible.

I checked out Thursday morning, October 1st, because I hoped I might find somewhere to stay, via school, but that didn’t pan out.  So I came back to not have my room anymore and I had to share.

When I got upstairs to the new room, I smelled pot in the hallway. Smelled like it was coming from what should have been my room.  Opened the door and there was a towel on the floor, confirming my suspicions.  Two guys in there.  Young French guys that seemed suspicious of me.  After a bit of me trying my hand at French (and one of them speaking a bit of English), they ended up being excited about my life and travels and I showed them some pictures on my camera. One of the guys ended up giving me a bunch of student bus passes and the key to the Wi-Fi which was accessible at the end of the hall.  This pleased me.

The next morning, the guy that gave me the passes and Wi-Fi key had an alarm that went off incessantly, starting around 6 AM.  That didn’t please me.

After that, I was supposed to stay with an engineering student just outside of Lyon.  There is a transit strike here, so whereas I left Le Totem with what I thought would be a good amount of time, the tram didn’t arrive for over an hour (despite the display saying 2 minutes until the tram arrived for the entirety of the hour).  So I ended up missing the last bus and hanging out in McDonald’s for 4 hours or so until I went to catch the 1 AM bus.

This host is cool.  A nice, young college student, who believes in organic food and questioning the government.  All in all, a very European fellow.  Ah, and he has a little clicker that can turn TVs on or off, which he loves using.  We went to FNAC, a place that sells books, electronics, music, etc. and he went around turning TVs off, quite pleased.  We also sat around and read comic books, which is a very French thing to do.  I read Yakari, which is for kids.  The story involved Yakari, a little Sioux boy wanting to be like his animal totem, the great eagle.  I’m hoping to work my way up to Alpha, which is about CIA agents.


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