Time Capsule: TORWH Post from Nov. 8, 2000


The below is from The Official Roni Weiss Homepage, my old website.  I was scouring through old posts and thought this was worth sharing on here.


Wednesday, November 8th, [2000]: 12:30 AM: This election is very stressful. My head hurts a lot. They keep bouncing back and forth. I want Gore to win. I really don’t like Bush.

This is from “Roni answers a current events question.” I figured it makes sense to go around here.

Question Person: Roni?

Roni: Yeah?

QP: What do you think of all of this election stuff?

Roni: I think it sucks.

QP: Really?

Roni: No, I think it is an interesting test of our democracy, and a great chance to show other countries that we don’t suck. Other countries have had wars over these type of issues, and we just have a bunch of lawyers yell at each other and MSNBC has higher ratings for a while. As for the issues themselves, I do believe that the courts should have the final decisions. I was bothered by the fact that during the initial election counts, there was mention of the fact that some people were confused because of the ballots, but Tom Brokaw (and/or Dan Rather) said that it was only a few thousand votes, it wouldn’t matter. At the time, I thought, “Well, what if it does.” It did. I do not think there should be a revote, unless it is nationwide. People say that Nader votes would switch to Gore, but Gore votes could always switch to Bush as well. This may seem like a stupid idea. It is. That’s the point. This whole thing is stupid. I hate Bush, but I have been putting that aside to be objective. It’s hard. I really hate him. He’s an idiot. Ok, I’ve babbled enough. Thanks for asking.

Roni responds again

QP: Ok, the election is over, what do you think?

Roni: No way to get around the electoral college. I’m not one of those people who says that Al Gore really won. He didn’t. He might have if he got Florida, but winning the popular vote does not constitute being the winner of the election. If nothing else, that has been shown again.

As for the fact that Bush is President-elect, I guess that it is good that it is all over. I don’t think that Bush will cause as much damage as people might think, but he certainly does not seem to be capable of making decisions by himself. That’s what advisors are for, and he has a lot of people who were associated with his father. So those of you who criticized Bush Senior and are cool with “Dubya,” are ridiculous. So there. Thanks for asking.


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