Why 10/16/09 Sucked for Roni

Work:  I had the all-bad kids group for my 9:00 AM class, as the kids had just been split by name, and apparently all the bad kids in this class have last names from N-Z.

They were all right at first, just generally chatty middle schoolers, but then I felt like it was too much, so I told them to take out their carnets. Carnet means notebook in French.  It’s their carnet de correspondance, which is a tool used to convey information to parents.  If the kids misbehave, it gets written in this book and the parents have to sign off of it.  The kids don’t want you to write stuff in it.

Anyway, some kids listened, but the ones in the back weren’t taking out their carnets, so I repeated the command.

One kid refused, he told me in French that he didn’t speak English.

“Carnet.  Table.  Easy,” I said.  He repeated that he didn’t speak English.

I told him he needed to go back to the teacher’s room (which is generally their punishment if they don’t behave with the language assistant).  This, he understood. He began yelling.  He walked up to the chalkboard.  Picked up a piece of chalk.  I told him that he needed to leave.  He cursed at me in French (making the other kids laugh), threw the chalk and stormed out of the room.

I peeked out to see if he was going to that class (despite leaving all his things), but he had just disappeared.  I asked the other kids what his name was.  They refused to say and told me his name was the name of a dorky kid that I had had the week before, who was obviously not in the room.

While I was trying to sort out who this kid actually was, he came back.  I told him to go to the teacher’s class.  He grabbed his stuff, got in my face, said, “I am Al-Qaeda” and walked out of the room.

I tried making sure he was going over to the teacher’s room, but he was dawdling, so I walked over, hoping that would get him to go in quicker.

He waved me off.  I said I wanted him to go to the teacher’s room.  He got in my face like he was going to try to fight me.  I told him to not get in my face.

Meanwhile, I had left the kids alone, thinking this would be quick and I would have been back to them within 10-20 seconds.  They decided to use this opportunity to make so much noise with chairs and the like that other teachers began to pop their heads out.

I meanwhile had opened the door to the teacher’s class, as the kid obviously wasn’t going to and told the teacher that this kid needed to be with her.  The teacher said if I was having problems, I could send them all back.  With all the ruckus that they had been making, I took her up on this.

I stayed away from the main room for a bit. Not long after I returned, the principal came.  The kids talked back to her, as well.  Apparently, I’ll need to be part of writing some report on what happened.  That kid stepped to the teacher, as well, after I dropped him off at her class.

Living situation:  Last night, I slept in a place that has:

  • black mold
  • no hot water
  • no way to heat the place
  • no shower head

Suffice it to say, I’m still looking.


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