Mini-Terrorist Gets Expelled

The kid that got in my face and told me he was Al-Qaeda got expelled.  But that’s only where the story starts…

I work at the traumatizing school from 10-11 AM on Thursday, then head over to the other one.  It turns out that after I left last week, there was another incident with the aforementioned kid.

Turns out, he was already on probation due to some incident before I arrived.  The conditions of the probation were that he behave in school.  Coming toward me in a threatening manner and saying he was Al-Qaeda didn’t fit that definition, so there were various meetings, after which he was brought to a final meeting at the school, where he was told he was expelled.

He heard and freaked out.  One of the teachers that I work with was alone upstairs and saw the kid running up, with fireworks and tear gas in his pocket.  Apparently, he then went wild, sprayed the tear gas in the Assistant Prinicpal’s face and everywhere else, then ran off.  When the cops arrived, he was nowhere to be found.

I have yet to hear any new on the matter.


3 Responses to Mini-Terrorist Gets Expelled

  1. Jordan says:

    That beggars belief. Why is your stint in France now so radically different from when you were doing the camp? Also, was the kid a Muslim by any chance?

  2. roniweiss says:

    Camp = rich kids (mostly)
    Middle school work = poor kids of north and central African descent

  3. roniweiss says:

    I never answered your latter question…

    Yeah, chances are fairly good. Of North African descent.

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