Roni Gets Harassed By Teenage Girls


I have a close friend that is worried that he will be falsely accused of some heinous sex crime.  While he is a bit overboard, I am definitely wary, as I’m aware of the society we live in, at least in the States.

For my training for Camp Fire and Trail’s End Camp, they made big points about not getting yourself in a situation where you could get accused of something you didn’t do.

I’m generally cognizant of such things.  I do my best to make sure I’m not alone somewhere with a kid and that I don’t do anything that could be misconstrued by anyone.

Last week, in class, a 13-year-old girl kept asking (in English) if I was her boyfriend.  I said ‘no’ the first time but didn’t give it attention for the rest of class, choosing to change the subject whenever she went back to it.  Despite this, she kept winking at me during class, fanning herself and complaining that the room was too hot, as she sat with reddened cheeks.

After class, the kids left and I sponged the board.  (In France, they use sponges to wipe off the chalkboard.)  The girl from class came by the room with some of her friends.  From outside the room, she made sure her friends were paying attention, then asked, in English, “Are you my boyfriend?”

“No!”  I said, firmly.

Her brow wrinkled, her face dropped and she walked off with her friends.

Story #2:  Today, I was sponging off the board when a couple of girls that I don’t have in any of my classes decided to harass me.  One of them said something (in French) about making love.

I assumed they would just bother me from outside, but then the girl came in and started stroking my face and chest.  I scrunched up, tried turning away, told her “Enough.  Go.”

By this point, I had already gathered my things.  I went into the hallway.  She stopped.

I have considered whether or not to report it.  As of now, my decision has just been to leave it alone.  If it happens again with the same girl, trust me, I’m telling someone.

It’s taking adjustment, this crazy world of Vaulx-en-Velin/France/middle school.   More stories to come.


2 Responses to Roni Gets Harassed By Teenage Girls

  1. Daniel says:

    MAN, are you for real? PUMP THAT THING MAN!~!!!

  2. roniweiss says:


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