ROL Road Trip 2009: #1 – Alaska

Starting off the trip with Tav

This blog entry corresponds to Episode #1 of my road trip, found here on YouTube.

I have wanted to go on a US road trip for a while.  Originally, I planned to go alone, take an indeterminate amount of time and potentially try to work at points, CouchSurfing along the way.  Then, while I was working in France, Tav invited me to visit him in Turkey.  That was a no-go for me, but I wanted to hang out again, as we had a great time the year before when we met during my first summer at American Village, my English immersion camp job in France.  So to make up for me not visiting him, I invited him on the road trip, thinking full well that he’d never do it.

Waiting for him to renege on his commitment, I proceeded to think of what I wanted to do on the trip.  In the end, he didn’t waver and after traveling solo in Eastern Europe for a month, I flew from Frankfurt, Germany to Anchorage, Alaska to start the trip.

The plan was that we would drive Tav’s car from Alaska to Everett, Washington, stay a bit in the Seattle area, pick up my car and continue onward.

I have also wanted to go shooting for a while.  So when I heard of the vague possibility of doing so with Tav’s friend Ben, I immediately jumped at it.  Shotguns are fun.  You hit things.  Without much training or adjustment, pistols are much harder.

After meeting a few of Tav’s friends and his mother over a couple days, we stopped at Three Bears, the local wholesale, Costco-like (without the membership) store.  I bought fruit snacks; Tav bought fruit.  I bought sliced turkey; Tav bought potatoes.

And off we went.


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