ROL Road Trip 2009: #2 – Canada

Muncho Lake, BC

This blog entry corresponds to Episode #2 of my road trip, found here on YouTube.

When I was younger, playing hockey back in the pre-9/11 days, we would go up to Canada and normally have little to no trouble crossing the border.

Guard:  Why are you coming to Canada?

Roni’s dad:  For hockey.

Guard:  Ok.

Waved into country.

No ID checks, no hassle, no drama.  Coming back to the States, it wasn’t much different.

Things have changed considerably.

Trig and I went up to Vancouver a while back.  We were supposed to stay the weekend, but our conflicting ideas on money expenditure allowed for neither of us to really be happy.  So we went back on Saturday night.

Coming back to the States the border guard asked us what we were doing.  Our answer was something along the lines of “We were going to spend the weekend in Vancouver, but we got bored and are heading back.”

The border guard was immediately suspicious.  We didn’t alleviate his concerns with our response to the next question.

Border guard:  What did you buy when you were in Canada?

Trig:  Starburst.

Roni (simultaneously): Nothing.

He immediately asked us to open the trunk.  Knocked on the inside of it a bit, as there was really nothing special to see.

Border guard (coming back to his booth):  You know what kinds of people usually go up to BC for only a day?

Trig: Drug runners?

Border guard:  Yep.  Ok, you guys can go.

Tav and I didn’t fare much better.  In fact, we fared even worse.  They were immediately suspicious of us as we arrived at the Alaska/Yukon border control.  It’s funny, as you cross in and out of the respective countries long before you deal with the actual border control.

Apparently I stink of drug dealer.  Or I hang out with people that do, as not only were we asked if we had marijuana, rolling papers and the like, we were forced to pull the car over, at which point two border guards removed all of our stuff from the car as we stood to the side.

Unfortunately, we did have contraband.  Of the unintentional agricultural variety.  Apples, oranges and potatoes.  Each had its own reaction from the Canuck controllers.

Apples:  Bad bad bad bad bad.  Terrible.  Must be confiscated and destroyed.  But feel free to eat a few first.

Oranges:  Bad bad… If you were in BC.  But Yukon doesn’t have oranges, so no worries.

Potatoes:  Bad!  You can’t bring potatoes in!  They might cause blight.  So, you can keep your potatoes, but you’re getting a lecture first…

The whole thing struck Tav and I as more than a tad arbitrary.  After that, we saw some wildlife here and there, a gorgeous landscape at Muncho Lake, BC, but other than that, not the most exciting of drives.


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