Leave Reid Alone

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)

It’s funny.  This entry was originally going to be saying that the real issue is that Trent Lott shouldn’t have been pushed out of his Majority Leader position.  After researching what Lott actually said and seeing that his own party stopped supporting him, I reconsidered that position.

The argument that because Lott got swept away, so should Reid, is entirely ridiculous.  Very separate situations.

1)  Trent Lott, at a public event, suggests (for at least the 2nd time openly, the first being in 1980) that the country would have been better off if a segregationist party had won the 1948 US presidential election.  Not until later does he clarify.

2)  Harry Reid is quoted in a book  as privately saying that Obama was a good candidate because of he was “light-skinned and lacked a “Negro dialect” (unless he wanted one).

To suggest that public and private comments are no different is absurd.  And for a 70-year-old man to use an antiquated term, that was once considered appropriate, in the context of what could make someone more electable, does not seem too offensive in the grand spectrum.


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