Anything I’m not covering? Let me know…

TORWB has two general themes.

1)  My travel and projects

2)  The news (esp. my own commentary) and other related items

I don’t want to be boring my readers.  The point is to have enough stuff to keep people interested (and hopefully involved), without useless comments on obvious items.

Let me know if you want my take on an issue or if you have questions in general about what I’m doing/have done.  And, of course, share anything.  Whether I know it or not, it’s interesting to know what you’re interested in.

And if I can be following you on Twitter, drop me a line.  Follow me, as well.

Interactivity, yeah? is my e-mail.


2 Responses to Anything I’m not covering? Let me know…

  1. devonvsmith says:

    far more interested in #1. i get my news elsewhere. my only caveat there is if news is happening in a country you are currently/have recently been in.

  2. roniweiss says:

    Kewl. That being said, in general I’ve been passing just straight stories through Twitter.

    When I talk about news on here, it’s my perspective and commentary, generally, which I think makes sense.

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