Doppelganger Week on Facebook

Roni Weiss and Seth Rogen

Trends, fads, blah.  But, as someone that wants to be attuned to pop culture, I’ve engaged on what has been called “Doppelganger week”.  One of my old AmVil directors claimed that Seth Rogen wasn’t a good doppelganger, but I’ve heard it from enough people, friends and strangers, to accept a general resemblance. is one of the main places for facial recognition to match you with a celebrity look-a-like. While theoretically interesting, the human eye does a better job than their program.

I used 3 different pictures.

Scruffy (the one from above): To which it matched my resemblance to:

Michael Rosenbaum, John Wayne, Gary Busey, Nathan Lane, Forest Whitaker, Cat Stevens, Josh Groban, Steven Seagal, Fred Durst and Ben McKenzie.

Bearded: Andre Agassi, Jared Leto, David Schwimmer, JC Chasez, Alec Baldwin, Adam Brody, Xzibit, Fred Savage, Eric Clapton, David Spade.

It gets even more ridiculous…

Clean-shaven: Enrique Iglesias, Rachel Corrie (the girl that died in the Israeli bulldozer incident), Ronaldo, Leslie Cheung (Hong Kong actor/musician), Jimi Hendrix, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Danza, Ernest Shackleton, Jet Li, Sidney Poitier.

As I wrote on FB:

I think if given this list of people, one probably could easily discern what I look like.

“Ohh, he looks like a cross between Jet Li, Sidney Poitier, Xzibit and Schwarzenegger. With a bit of the main guy characters from The OC thrown in.”

And now, who does Seth Rogen look like?  Well, according to the above picture, via Nicholas Brendon, Colin Firth, Josh Duhamel, Isaac Hanson, Hal Sparks, Jim Morrison, Tom Brady, Bing Crosby, Travis Barker and David Desrosiers (from the band Simple Plan).

Do you know a better site for facial recognition?  Any other related things that you’ve found to be cool?  What celebrities have you been told you look like?  Do you agree?


One Response to Doppelganger Week on Facebook

  1. laurenquinn says:

    Totally! Gotta check out that site; no one’s told me I look like anyone since I was 10. And that was Chelsea Clinton (I think just because I was a little white girl with curly hair. I hope so, cause that’s not flattering…).

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