My Odd Day

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2006


Flickr: I had my first picture favorited on Flickr.  It is of a swastika on Lantao Island, in Hong Kong. Favorited by ‘swastikalove‘.

I had another picture favorited, twice, a blurry shot of a woman in a burqa, videotaping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (above).

YouTube: I discovered that on my secondary/original YouTube account, jicky98, I’ve gotten over 7,000 hits and some mild chatter over my video, “Sleazy Sikh guys take a picture with Vicki – Sentosa, Singapore (2006)“.

Some comments:

hey take the fuking sleazy word off you dumb bitch
Who is sleazy? She didn’t have to pose for the picture.
how is it sleezy its just a picture they never seen a white lady in india only the hookers from russia are white there
hahaha,,.,they r like tht n will remain the same.,.,.

Facebook: I stayed up until 10 AM this morning, arguing about the following Lady Gaga quote:

Some women follow men; Some women follow their dreams. Just remember that a career won’t wake up one random morning and tell you they don’t love you anymore.

My initial point:

I don’t agree with the sentiment. I think it can easily be used as an excuse to avoid throwing yourself into a potentially good relationship. The whole idea seems to defend not taking a chance on love, because of the possibility of it ending.

This then went back and forth with the original poster (OP) , with behind-the-scenes private messages, as well.  When the OP wrote that the quote meant that if you focus on love, career will come about, I inevitably brought up Avatar, saying that you can’t claim that something successfully makes a point, just because you want it to or agree with an idea that you see in it.

I threw in the towel after 7 hours, once I realized that I wasn’t making a dent.

Work:  A bunch of kids at the middle school are on a trip to Italy, so classes were small.  Small enough that I had the chance to teach blackjack and poker to the kids and give them all a chance to play and deal.

Luckily, I had the deck of cards with me, as I do in my electronics backpack, which I sometime bring.  With a couple minutes left, but the games having wound up, I looked what else was in my bag to show the kids.

My Chabad of Thailand yarmulka (you know, a Jew hat, not to be confused with a Jewish hat).

My Northern African, Muslim students were a bit thrown off, even more so when I put it on to confirm their suspicions of what it was.  Most of the kids laughed, which was fine. One kid began to back away, in what looked like fear. That threw me off.

I went to take the bus and saw the kid there.  I asked him what was up, in French.  He responded that he was joking.  I said, OK, but I wasn’t sure. He said, yeah, he was joking.

Didn’t look like he was joking, but it also looked like he didn’t have a problem standing at the bus stop with me.


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