Scandal in Utah

Utah state flag

Utah’s House majority leader, Kevin Garn, has admitted to paying off a woman in 2002 (to the tune of $150,000) to keep quiet about being naked in a hot tub with him when she was 15 and he was at least 28.

The GOP county chairwoman, Shirley Bouwhuis, supports him:

The Republican Party always supports the law and wants people to obey it, and until I know different, that there’s been (something illegal) I am supportive of what Kevin chooses to do.

Really? The party of moral indignation doesn’t decry this, as long as it’s legally viable?

Honestly, I’m less bothered about the nakedness in the hot tub as I am about the paying off.  I don’t know the details, as no one really seems to, but it has not been exposed as a Roman Polanski-like situation as of yet.  While the act itself could be condemned, obviously this was something he wanted to keep hidden.  And even more than the guy himself, who is obviously a sleaze, I’m bothered by Bouwhuis’ willingness to stand by him, provided no laws were violated.

One last quote from the AP article:

Garn said he felt like the payment amounted to extortion but he doesn’t plan to press charges.

Glad it’s clear who the bad guy is here.

Update: Garn resigns.


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