Really, Republicans? Really?

Roni at U.S. Capitol - 2005

Roni at U.S. Capitol - 2005

There are two big stories right now regarding the health care reform bill: the bill going back to the House and Republicans not allowing committee meetings to be convened past 2 PM, thanks to an obscure rule.

Bill being sent back: I would like the bill to pass.  I don’t think Congress should be violating commitments that they have already made to do so.  The bill is being sent back due to the piggybacking of student loans onto the health bill.

The bill promises to protect students from cuts in grants if Congress drops funding later on.  Unfortunately, the bill does not provide for this in a deficit-neutral way, so it’s back to the House.

The fact that they do stuff like this bothers me.  I don’t understand why a health bill cannot just be a health bill.

All-in-all, a minor drama showing the clogged nature of Congress.

This is an oversight on the part of those that wrote the bill.  If that’s what stops passage, that would be fairly astounding, but no one is saying it’s going in that direction, which makes all of this delay even more aggravating.

No meetings past 2 PM: I don’t care where you fall in regard to health care.  If you really are violently opposed to the current bill, I honestly don’t get that.  I agree that it isn’t perfect; nearly everyone does.  I think that doing something, especially with a core of good ideas, such as not denying pre-existing conditions and the goal of insuring as many people as possible, is better than doing nothing, which is really the alternative.

That aside, what happens with health care needs to stay there.  If you really believe everything possible should be done to stop it, fine, I will teeth-grittingly accept that you have convictions.

But now, the Republicans have forced the cancellation of military, judiciary and any other committee meetings past 2 PM.  In the hopes of derailing one bill, they’re halting all of Congress’ business.  How is this remotely defensible?

I don’t give any credence to the idea that these things are OK, because the Democrats and Republicans both do it and who playing which role just depends on who is cast as the majority.  Any defense of an argument of doing something wrong by saying “well, you’re doing it, too” bothers me innately.  I cannot stand when China or Russia do it, albeit in a slightly different way (“how can you criticize our flagrant human rights violations when you aren’t perfect”) and it bothers me even more when it’s my own country’s dysfunctional politics that too many people accept as the norm.

When will intelligent, informed people be outraged enough to get involved in trying to change things?


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