The Daily Show and Colbert Post Previews

I just flew into Seattle this morning and more than just my arms are tired.

I haven’t had time to scour through pictures, upload, etc., yet, so I guess I’ll just put some of what I’ve started for my TDS and Colbert entries, just because I got the comment from the guy that was there…


Alok, an occasional DWATG contributor hooked me up with tickets to the show. I got a call from him at 2 PM, telling me to be there by 3 PM. I confirmed the tickets online, stuffed a few things into my pockets for the night at Joe’s place in Brooklyn and headed to midtown to wait on line.

I don’t want to bore you with every step along the way, so here are the highlights:

  • Waited on the line for a while, chatting briefly with some Danes behind me, Canadians in front of me, and a few Bostonians.
  • Over the course of the wait, which lasted until around 5:15 PM, various interns came and barked orders, such as no cell phones allowed in the studio, no photography or videoing allowed, info about the metal detector, etc.
  • They handed out the tickets around 4:30 PM, distributing them to us outside, on the line.
  • At about 5:15 PM, we started getting shuffled into the studio.

The set itself is gorgeous and fairly spacious for a TV show. Not much difference from what you see on TV, except you get a sense of where the green screen is (to the left of the anchor desk).

Music played for a while, before Paul Mecurio came out to do the warmup. I was a bit surprised to see him, as I knew him from years prior as a doctor character on the show.

At first, he didn’t talk at all, just having the audience yell. It went on so long that I wondered if that was all he was going to do. I also questioned whether or not it was actually Paul Mecurio. He asked the audience if they were excited to see Jon Stewart. They seemed excited. He then introduced himself, to which I was the only one that cheered.

I found it a bit odd that I am the only one who actually recognized him (or saw fit to be excited about it). He asked why I was excited.

“You’ve been on the show before. You’re good.”

He was flattered.


The first difference between The Daily Show and Colbert is you don’t see a huge line outside. Even the line that wraps around the back isn’t as large as TDS.

The security staff are nicer and you get brought in earlier, with clips of old Colbert playing in the waiting pen.

When I was there, we were delayed for a while, because they were working on rehearsal.

Finally going in, the audience is only on the front, as opposed to front and one side at The Daily Show. The set looks pretty much like it does on TV, which is rare for a TV show, as the sets usually look a lot smaller in person.

This time, I didn’t know the warmup guy. His big catch phrase was that various people were ‘adorable’.

I was told by an Argentinian couple that I was talking to on the line that the warmup guy also does TDS, as they saw him when they went the prior week. They said that he asks “Is anyone from another country?”

Sure enough, he did. Standard warmup fare, with the exception that it went on *forever*. It was clear that they weren’t ready to start the show and the guy just had to drag on. He kept saying “What else?” to himself. I said to the woman next to me that I could picture the movie of this, where it keeps fading, with the clock changing positions and we hear him asking “Is there anyone in the audience I haven’t talked to yet?”

Right before I was about to lose my mind, Colbert was introduced with the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme. He came out in usual fashion, waving, running around and such.

More to come, hopefully later today.


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