Creepy Awkward French People

Exercise Room - Amvil Macon (Spud, Shady, Mizzou)

Shady, Alaska and I have taken to working out at the on-site gym (at our English immersion camp job in France).

A couple days ago, the director of the complex that we’re using came in. He’s a guy that we see around, have brief niceties with and that’s about it.

I was on the exercise bike; Shady was on the treadmill and Alaska was on the elliptical machine.  The director smiles and walks over to me and without warning or cause, pinches my side.

He smiles and says “Hamburgers!”

I argue “Non, je ne mange pas le boeuf.” (I don’t eat beef.)

He is undeterred. “Frites!” (French fries.)

I then tell him (in French) that I would eat something else if it were offered.

It looked like he was going to leave, but instead, he made a beeline to Shady, on the treadmill, pinching Shady’s side, as well, throwing Shady briefly off-balance.

He pointed to Shady and said “Good!”, then left us, bewildered and feeling more than a little molested.


2 Responses to Creepy Awkward French People

  1. norfolkngood says:

    it’s even harder when you pull on the rope ;-) Dave

  2. roniweiss says:


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