Pots and Kettles

The National Union of Israeli Students is sending a “counter-flotilla” to Turkey.  The idea is to turn the argument around by showing that Turkey is in no position to talk about rights abuses, as they have their own problems with the Kurds, Cypriots, etc.

Defensiveness and deflection are natural reactions of people and countries alike when criticized.  Whenever China or Russia are on a list for human rights abuses or internal problems, they turn around and say either:

a) We’re fixing it. Slowly.


b) Don’t criticize us. You have your own problems.

And that’s what is happening here.  Sure, Turkey has issues. They deserve to be pointed out. But it should not be done with the goal of deflecting Israel’s problems and mistakes.  We should all be striving for improvement.  Perhaps I’m being presumptuous, but I doubt that this group would have been sending this flotilla (or doing anything else) for the Kurds and Cypriots except in spite. Which makes it more than a little disingenuous, using legitimate plight for PR redirection.

Just because the pot calls the kettle black, it doesn’t make either any less black. Feel free to point out the smudges on others, pots and kettles, but don’t do it at the expense of cleaning yourselves up.


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