Spirit Airlines’ “Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches!” campaign

Not cool, Spirit Airlines. (click pic to magnify)

spirit airlines email

What, post 9-11 was it “Our Prices Are Falling Like The Twin Towers!”

Is this really the image you want when you’re also the company that’s dickish enough to charge people for carry-ons?

P.S. What other bad ad campaigns could you advise for Spirit, either past or present?


5 Responses to Spirit Airlines’ “Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches!” campaign

  1. Alec says:

    F Spirit Air. They are the ones who first started charging for checked baggage. All the airlines laughed at them. Now look who’s laughing. The airlines at us. When I read they were going to start charging for carry-on luggage. I was pissed. I wrote to them to complain, which I never do. They wrote back some BS on how it was better for me. Their analogy. How would I like it if I had to pay for a dinner that included dessert but I didn’t want to eat it. Wouldn’t it be better to just pay for what I wanted. WHO THE F flies with nothing at all. I was even more anger by their stupid justification. I will never fly spirit. I don’t care if its only a dollar.

  2. roniweiss says:

    I will look at their policies. Does it include purses and such?

    What bothers me is RyanAir charging for check-in. I guess you can argue that you don’t *have* to bring things (however stupid), but you *have* to check in to go on the flight. How does it help anyone to itemize that expense?

  3. Alec says:

    Ryan is considering charging people to use the restroom on their flight? I heard this one from Kent Foster of kentfoster.com.


  4. roniweiss says:

    Yes, but I’m not opposed, provided they stick to the deal:

    Charges for less than hour-long flights, in the hope that people will use the bathrooms in the terminal and remove one of the bathrooms from the plane.

    I mean, if you’re on a commuter train or a bus, you don’t have access to a bathroom. So if they really are making it so it is actually an hour or less that you’re away from a terminal bathroom, then I don’t see this as a big deal.

  5. roniweiss says:

    See, it’s what I thought. They charge you for an overhead bag, not an under seat bag. That doesn’t seem totally unreasonable.


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