What (Rich) French Kids Are Thankful For

From one of the ESL classes at camp:


5 Responses to What (Rich) French Kids Are Thankful For

  1. joy says:

    what are the top 3?

  2. roniweiss says:

    “I am thankful for Nutella
    I am thankful for computer
    I am thankful for sel phone”

  3. Aaron B. says:

    That’s great Roni, lol. At least they have content lives.

  4. Alec says:

    I F-ing love Nutella. I am thankful for it as well. I fell in love with three things while i was in Italy. Nutella, gelato, and doner kebabs. I was invited to a nutella party in Turino (which is where it was invented). I missed the party we got there too late. I am glad I missed it because the party was so much better in my head. Nutella waterfalls with an Italian Wille Wonka. Hot Italian women wearing nothing but Nutella bikinis. Italian Upa- Lompas In reality, it was some club with a couple of Nutella signs up. My version is much better.

  5. roniweiss says:

    Didn’t realize that you got into kebabs in Italy. I got into them in Berlin.

    I like your version of that story much better than the reality.

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