Roni Weiss is Exotic

But only in the UK and Asia.

It’s the oddest thing to me. Everywhere else in Europe, I am, at best, an ambassador, but when I’m in the UK (or like the one time when I met Brits in Andorra), I’m an exciting rock star.

Walking in Southampton with Adie, my host, we found various people that were stunned and excited to meet their first American. I found this particularly odd, as it’s a college town. One would think there’d be some level of exchange. And time after time, the Brits are stunned to hear my accent and try their hand at their own garbled version of an American accent. “Totally awesome” is usually their go-to phrase.

As for Asia, 3 times I’ve had randoms ask to take pix with me (presumably due to my height?)

  • Sentosa, Singapore: At an aquarium, a random woman asked to take a picture with me. Threw me off.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia: Walking by Monas, someone ran to catch up to me. I thought maybe I had dropped something and they were bringing it back to me. Nope. Picture time.
  • Boracay, The Philippines: After not having worked out for about a month, I thought I might as well go for a shirtless run on the mostly empty beach. After coming back, sweating, a guy insisted that I take a picture with his sister. I think the picture was more for him.

But the only reason I am writing this post is because I promised the following nameless two (who I met on the Aberystwyth-Birmingham train) that I would put them on my blog. So here they are, surprised that Americans don’t know about “Sunday roasts”, but excited to meet a real-life American, like they see on Friends. The one on the right had heard of the Cubs. She wanted me to tell you that. Ah, and she thinks American girls look older and are more mature than British girls. What’s your take?


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